2007 Conference Agenda:
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March 29

7:30-8:45 AM

8:45-9:05 AM
Opening Remarks by Dr. Kim Blair

9:05-9:45 AM
TJ Tomasi
(read bio) and Jim Suttie(read bio) "The Efficacy of a No-Backswing Backswing"

10:15-10:55 AM
James Leitz
(read bio) "Ball Flight Criteria & Clubface to Plane Relationships"

11:00-11:40 AM
Tom Harper
(read bio) "A 3D Kinematic Investigation of Golfers' Delayed Wrist Release"

2:00-3:00 PM
Panel: moderator Mike Stachura
(read bio), Equipment Editor for Golf Digest

3:05-3:45 PM
Jon Roberts
(read bio) "Grip Force 'Signatures' in Golf"

4:15-4:55 PM
Eric Alpenfels
(read bio) "An Examination of Two Turn Efficiency Drills"

5:00-5:40 PM
Dan Goldstein
(read bio) "Movement of Center of Mass in the Golf Swing"

March 30

7:30-8:30 AM

8:30-8:45 AM
Opening Remarks

8:45-9:25 AM
Steve Atherton
(read bio) "Differences of Swing Mechanics between Tour Players and the Average Golfer"

9:30 - 10:10AM
David Ostrow
(read bio)"Correlations between Body Condition and Swing Flaws"

Rick Martino
(read bio) "KP vs. KR"

Keynote address by Joe Barrow
(read bio), Executive Director of The First Tee

Daniel Rockers
(read bio)"Effect of Focus Techniques on the Putting Stroke"

David Edel
(read bio) and David Orr (read bio) "Correlations of Putting Aim, the Putting Stroke, and the Full Swing"

Closing Remarks