Teaching Professionals, 2007

The conference will host some of the most renowned golf teachers in the world and provide them a forum to present their knowledge and latest research. Many of these teachers have been recognized among Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Teachers and GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Greatest Teachers, and all have contributed significantly to the game of golf.

The list includes (click on name for bio):

Eric Alpenfels
Eric Alpenfels currently serves as the Director of Golf Instruction / Golf Advantage School at Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina.

A Class A PGA professional, Eric has been a part of the Pinehurst family since 1985. Eric is involved in the daily instruction at Pinehurst with both amateur and professional golfers. His skill and professionalism have earned him recognition from Golf Magazine as one of the "Top 100 Teachers in America" and Golf Digest as one of "America's 50 Greatest Teachers."

Eric's activities beyond the fairways of Pinehurst are extensive and include speaking engagements, contributions to industry publications, involvement as an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Professional Golf Management training for the PGA of America and production of several videos. Under his leadership, the Golf Advantage School is conducting research to pioneer the development of new practice techniques and innovative drills as well as partnering with The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the development of a Golf Fitness Lab. Research of this kind is not taking place at any other school and is already being featured in several national magazines, including Golf Magazine.
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Steve Atherton

Steve Atherton has served as GolfTEC's Vice President of Instruction for the past 6 years. Mr. Atherton oversees all training, teaching quality control, and continuing education for GolfTEC learning centers nation wide. Steve is an expert in swing biomechanics and one of the brightest young teaching professionals in the nation. In 2005, Mr. Atherton joined the elite group of PGA Master Professionals with specialization in Instruction, in addition to being nominated for both Golf Magazine's Top 100 teachers list and Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year. During his time at GolfTEC, Steve has trained over 150 teaching professionals at the company's rigorous GolfTEC University - a nine-day, PGA accredited training program. Steve has been the source of well over 3000 PGA MSR points for educating golf professionals. Mr. Atherton is a graduate of the Mississippi State University Professional Golf Management program and has worked at such prestigious clubs as Sankaty Head GC, Olympia Fields CC, and Merion GC prior to joining GolfTEC.
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Joe Barrow

Joe Barrow is the Executive Director of The First TEe and Senior Vice President, World Golf Foundation. Joe oversees and manages the general operations of the organization, particularly the strategic direction, international development and the Phase III business objectives. His marketing, business and career in public service spans over 25 years. Prior to joining The First Tee, Joe served as president and chief operating officer of IZZO Systems, Inc., directing all company operations, domestically and internationally. Joe is the son of boxing legend, Joe Louis.
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David Edel
David Edel has devoted his life to creating handmade putters. Ironically, his own putting difficulties led him to putter fitting. Edel is a PGA Professional who has studied swing mechanics, philosophy and club fitting with renowned instructors and tournament players, including Ben Doyle, Randy Henry, Chuck Cook, Roberto DeVincenzo, and Tom Shea.

In working with players ranging from top pros to high-handicappers, Edel realized that the best way to make a putter is not to build one and find someone who likes it-it's to build a putter specifically for the person who's going to use it. With that knowledge in hand, Edel created a custom fitting system that takes into account all the variables of any player's putting style. The empirical fit-testing data he has collected through the years has helped Edel develop a complete understanding of how to use his fitting system to "set up" a putter for any golfer.
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Dan Goldstein

Dan Goldstein received a BA in Biology from Alfred University in 1976 and his BS in Physical Therapy from Marquette University in 1978.  He completed his Athletic Training certification while working in Pennsylvania in 1980.  Dan trained with Stanley Paris, Ph.D., PT to receive his specialized MS in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy in Atlanta in 1982.

He opened his own Physical Therapy practice, Advanced Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy (AOSPT), in 1984 and is completing 23 years of service to clients in West Palm Beach, FL.  His growing interest in golf-specific physical training has lead to his participation in multiple continuing education seminars to incorporate functional golf programs for his clients.

Dan developed the Dynamic Balance System™ - DBS, which is manufactured and distributed by Sports Balance Technology®.  This unique teaching and training tool is used in ‘Partnership’ with the PGA of America at their prestigious Learning Center and with the PGA Tour Academy.  Additionally, the immediate feedback of the DBS is helpful in golf-specific exercise progressions and Sports Medicine programs.
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Tom Harper

Dr Tom Harper commenced study at Loughborough University, U.K. in 1998 as an R&A golf scholar reading commercial management and quantity surveying, throughout which he represented both the University and British Universities golf teams. Tom has recently completed a Ph.D. in sports technology which focused upon the measurement and replication of individual golfer’s swings using 3D motion analysis system and a bespoke golf robot motion control system.

Dr Harper has expert knowledge in golf swing mechanics, player testing, custom fitting and golf robotics and has conducted independent research for numerous golf companies, magazines and professional players including Ryder Cup personnel.
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James Leitz
James Leitz has been the director of golf at Pinewood Country Club in Slidell, Louisiana for over 20 years. He has been recognized as Golf Professional of the year in Louisiana and by Golf Digest as a top teacher in the state. He has been heavily involved with the Louisiana PGA section throughout his career and has served as chapter president.

Leitz is an expert in club fitting and is one of only six certified club fitting instructors certified by the PGA. He has instructed at many workshops throughout the nation on club fitting and has performed club fitting for many tour players throughout the world.
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Rick Martino
RICK MARTINO is The PGA of America's director of instruction. He is one of a few dozen PGA professionals who holds a certification in teaching—the organization's highest level of achievement for instruction. Martino created the curriculum for the PGA's first learning and development facility. Before becoming the PGA's Director of Instruction, Martino was the Director at Oakmont Country Club. He is also the former director of University of Pittsburgh's Golf Swing Research Laboratory and has headed several teaching and playing workshops across the country.

Martino has been recognized among Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers as well as Golf Digest's Top 50 Teachers. He also has enjoyed commentating on television since 1998.
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David Orr

David Orr, a native of Pulaski, New York, played collegiate golf at Bridgewater College where he received numerous awards including the National Golf Coaches Association, All Southeast District Team -1987, Virginia Intercollegiate All-State 1989. Turning professional his senior year, David competed in several events on the various Mini-Tours around the country including; The T.C. Jordan Tour, The Powerbilt Tour, and The Ben Hogan Tour, to name just a few.

As a Teaching Professional David worked at Cheviot hills for four years, before becoming the Teaching Professional at North Ridge COuntry Club in Raleigh. He made the move to Pine Needles in SOuthern Pines, NC, in the winter of 2000, sight of the 1996, 2001, & 2007 US Women's Open Championship. There he was named the Head of Golf Instruction for the Learning Centers and Golfari's. His peers nominated him for the Palmer Maples Teacher of the Year Award of the Carolinas P.G.A. Section for the year 2000. David currently conducts seminars for his fellow P.G.A. professionals or those seeking to improve their ability to teach or play the great game of golf.
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David Ostrow

David is the President and CEO of Body Balance for Performance, Inc. He is a Pennsyvania licensed physical therapist since 1987. He has worked in outpatient orthopedics for 18 years and in golf performance training for 11 years. Mr. Ostrow was initially a Body Balance for Performance franchisee. He was the third franchisee for Body Balance for Performance in the United States. David was named National Clinical Training Director for Body Balance for Performance in 2000. With partner Neil Chasan, Ostrow purchased Body Balance for Performance from the Founder, Paul Callaway in 2003.
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Jon Roberts

Dr. Jonathan Roberts has recently been appointed a Lecturer in Sports Technology at Loughborough University in the UK. He joined the University in 1998, shortly after completing a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Nottingham, and has spent eight years conducting research as a member of the Sports Technology Research Group. Jon was awarded a PhD in 2002 for his thesis on evaluating players’ subjective perceptions of golf clubs and the contributing effects of the impact sound and vibration. His work has resulted in publications in internationally acclaimed journals as well as several conference papers. Jon’s research interests include mechanical design and analysis of sports equipment, evaluation of players’ perceptions and robotic simulation of sporting motion. The methodologies and analysis techniques developed by Jon have been applied in numerous projects involving sports such as tennis, soccer, rugby and hockey, demonstrating the wide ranging applicability of his approach. Recently, he has co-supervised two projects investigating robotic simulation of golf swings and the role of the grip in golf.
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Daniel Rockers

Dr. Daniel Rockers is the director of the Funcitonal Resoration Center, a chronic pain rehabilitation facility and a practicing clinical psychologist. He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from Kansas State University and the doctorate in psychology with an emphasis on mind-body relationships (chronic pain patients face the same issues as athletes, its just that the pain is voluntarily selected in one and not in the other). He studies and treats pain psychology, performance enhancement, achievement, and anxiety management through hypnosis, biofeedback, psychotherapy, autogenic training and relaxation for groups, couples and individuals.
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Mike Stachura
Mike Stachura is the Senior Editor for Equipment at Golf Digest, where he has been an editor since 1992. He has directed the magazine's equipment coverage since 2001, and is responsible for the magazine's Hot List section in the February issue, Golf Digest's annual review of the latest clubs and balls. He has written three books and his stories on golf equipment also have appeared in The New York Times. He is a frequent guest commentator on radio and television and has appeared on ESPN, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and The Golf Channel.
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Jim Suttie
Dr. Suttie was named to Golf Magazine's Top 100 Instructors in America, received 3 Teacher of the Year awards from Illinois PGA and was listed in Golf Digest Magazine as one of the top 50 golf instructors in the USA. Through years of studying biomechanics and its applications in the golf swing, including a doctorate with his dissertation entitled A Biomechanical Comparison Between a Conventional Golf Swing Learning Technique, Dr. Suttie has created a "framework" for teaching that optimizes the relationship between the different body types of various people with the swing elements that match these body types. The result is a proven teaching technique which is simple, yet highly effective. Dr. Suttie co-authored the book "The LAWS of the Golf Swing", which provides in depth discussion of various body builds and exercises and drills for a particular swing. His new book, "Your Perfect Swing", is now available. Dr. Suttie travels to Europe, working with the NGF(Dutch Golf Federation) and speaking in the UK, giving seminars and conducting clinics for golf instructors.

He has been Director of Instruction at Medinah C.C. outside of Chicago, established the Suttie Golf Academy at Cog Hill from 1995-2002. Presently, he conducts private lessons and Training Sessions at the Suttie Golf Academy at Cog Hill, Lemont, IL, and The Club at Twin Eagles in Naples, Florida.

Having previously coached at Eastern Kentucky University, Brevard Community College and Northwestern University, Dr. Suttie now coaches for Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Some of the following Touring Professionals are working with or have consulted with Dr. Suttie: Steve Flesch, Loren Roberts, Carin Koche, Vickie Goetz-Ackerman, Paul Azinger,, Mark Wilson., and Mark Lye.
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TJ Tomasi
TJ Tomasi is Golf's most published instructor in the world with 13 golf books including: International Bestseller "Play Better Golf", and the weekly feature "Insider Golf" from Universal Press Syndicate (UPS is the name behind Dear Abby, William Buckley & NASCAR online). He is one of the co-founders of the LAWs of the Golf Swing. TJ appears in over 100 newspapers and numerous websites, reaching 2.5 million homes per week. No other instructor has ever reached this broad an audience on a sustained weekly basis. He is the Senior Editor of Golf Instruction Annual, The Very Best of Golf Tips Magazine and is a Class-A PGA teaching professional, and was chosen by Golf Magazine out of 25,000 pros to be a member of the elite Top 100 Teachers. With more than 20 years of teaching experience, and 50,000 hours of instructional lessons, he has taught players of all levels, from beginners to PGA and LPGA professionals.

Mr. Tomasi has also served as chief instructional editor for Golf Illustrated and Golfing Magazine, as well as contributing editor to Golf Tips and Golf Magazine. He was recently featured on the cover of the March 2004 issue of Golf Tips magazine and is currently on the cover of Golf Instructional 2006. TJ is a frequent contributor to Sports Illustrated and has also appeared regularly on CNN as a co-host on their golf segments, which appear on Sunday morning TV and on airport televisions as well as in-flight video for numerous worldwide airlines.
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