2008 Conference Agenda:

The conference runs from 8:30am-5:00pm each day with an evening cocktail party following the first day.

Here is a list of presenters and presentation titles.
These titles are subject to change:

Over the course of the two days, you will hear from speakers such as:

James Leitz(read bio) - 3D Golf Research

David Wright(read bio) - Correction of Hip Rotation Via a Three Minute Core Exercise Program

David Ostrow (read bio) and Oswald Drawdy (read bio)- Impact of Physical Therapy on Improvement

Eric Alpenfels (read bio) and Bob Christina(read bio) - The Way a Drill is Practiced Determines What Transfers to the Course

TJ Tomasi(read bio) - Image Retention Ability

Henry Brunton(read bio) - The Development of Expertise for Elite Competitive Golfers and the Related Probability of Advancing to the PGA Tour

Deb Vangellow(read bio) - The Benefit of Less Length and More Loft on the Driving Club for Recreational Women Golfers

Mike Malaska(read bio) - A Balanced Approach to Teaching

Dan Parks (read bio)and Ben Shear(read bio) - Effect of Physical Therapy on Lower Body Mechanics

Don Lifke(read bio) - Optimizing the Drive using Design of Experiments

Paul Hurrion(read bio) - Putting Biomechanics

Tom Mase (read bio) - Providing the Average Golfer a Tour Quality Fit

David Orr (read bio) - Campbell University PGM Putting Research: Aim bias and how it affects your stroke

Check back for updates as we get closer to the conference, including the detailed schedule of presentations